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Title IX

As a result of COVID-19, CSS applied for and was subsequently funded with a Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) loan through the CARES Act. We’re proud to put these dollars to work for our school. As a result of this loan/grant, CSS is a Federal Funds Recipient for the next several weeks. Members of the CSS administration have participated in several training sessions on Title IX (and Section 504, Title VI, and the Age Discrimination Act among other pieces of relevant Federal legislation), which apply to us as temporary federal funds recipients.

Please review our employee/student handbooks and know that you have multiple avenues to report any possible discrimination or harassment (on the basis of sex or any other protected class). Our handbook will be amended several times over the summer to ensure that it is fully compliant with recent and relevant changes in best practices and laws. Maria Smith and Ann Runte have been named our Title IX Coordinators (a temporary assignment for the duration of this loan/grant).